Feast of Maggots

by Mortals' Path

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The long awaited debut album of Mortals' Path
Eleven tracks of pure fvcking Old School Death Metal straight outta Ruhrpott.


released May 10, 2019


all rights reserved



Mortals' Path Oberhausen, Germany

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Track Name: Feast of Maggots
Feast of maggots
Your end will be a feast of maggots
Your live will end in a steaming pool of blood

We arrive at the graveyard
A coffin waits here wide open
Filled with thousands of my kind
Do you have any last feeble words to say?

This is the final price you pay: Eaten alive
By my friends slowly crawling into every orifice
You beg me for forgiveness that I won't give
I laugh and watch you die

Eaten alive
Feast of maggots
This is the way you die
Feast of maggots
Cramping, screaming for your god you are beautiful feast of maggots

Your screams echo through the night as you're horribly brutalized
Purest satisfaction
I salivate in ecstasy
This is what I always wanted for you

Your corpse: A beautiful feast of maggots
Your corpse: A delightful feast for all the maggots.
Track Name: Face First into Purgatory
We are the fetid spawn of this fucking world / Hypocrites, murderers, disintegrating scum / Fuel for the entropy / We dismember reality and recompose it at whim to fit our post-fact society /The fetid spawn with lecherous, dripping genitals waiting to be; / We're all equally damned face first into purgatory / Rotten and disposed face first into purgatory / We are the creators of our own demise believing in false gods and nationalist cries / Iconoclast society /Delusioned in death agony they carry on their cross / Believing they rule this sludge-orb but everything passes away, there's no eternal truth except / We could rejoice and strife to the stars but we will burn and this flame will last… / Endless copulation orgies 'round the funeral pyres / All ignorant self-devouring humans bowing to the truth / Drug-induced stupidity / Wallow in putridity / Utopia for you and me / And we perish fat, fucking and happy ever after / All our pallid adder tongues shall rot among the stars / Our pride and our hubris / Nothing is emptier than honor and glory / We could rejoice and strife to the stars but we will burn and this flame will last until the last human fuckface is gone forever.
Track Name: Empreror
Onward / For honour and glory / For the Emperor / Breathe delight in the pain and slaughter we rain down from sixty tons of steel / Our thunder came at dawn / Roaming through these urban ruins on worlds so long forgotten / We crush them like a Warhammer / The heretic and rotten / We crush with might / Adore the immortal / His sacrifice to man / Exalt his strict guidance and all-seeing eye / An undying guard / A light quenching the warp / Through this darkened times / Honour, glory, for the Emperor! / Bestow on us the fury and strength to kill with might / Bring guidance to our shells / Blessed by your light / We do not fear the mutant / The ones so festered cruel 'cause we are death, with every breath and fibre of our soul / Spirit of machines / Bring light when darkness falls / Watch over your servants as we wage his war / In serenity, although we are broken, although we will end, we storm their fields wide open.
Track Name: Monument
At first light the killchain began / Our armies pressed forward / under the sign of eight / For chaos gods / This is the last crusade ‘Till nothing is left to conquer and the powder burned to the last / Created for victory / From a vanished plane extinct / Prophet of hatred / The World-Eater / Harbinger of our fall / Our world is a dying whore / Full of compromise but some don't and never have / Dawn of war / Eternal fire / A monument for the masters of war / Carved into stone is thy prophecy.
Track Name: Life is Pain
Terror / Lies in repeated death / Horror / Of hunger, thirst, dismay / Weakness / enthralled to our greed / Bleakness / Despite obscures our way / Life is Pain / To live, to die, suffer again / Life is Pain / Once we were fair, now we're old and grey / Gaunt from disease / the mortals' path day by day / One way to escape / Blown out / All candles fade.
Track Name: Godless
I am the man that has seen affliction by the rod of his wrath / He has led me, brought me into darkness, but not into light / Surely against me is he turned all day / My flesh and my skin is scarred and old / He has broken my bones, compassed me with gall and travail / Under my heavy chain I cry and I shout: / where are you now GOD?! / We are forever godless / He has turned aside my ways, and ripped me into pieces / Broken my teeth and filled me with bitterness / My strength and my hope is perished from the Lord / Drunken by your wormwood / You've never listened to my prayers / I forgot prosperity / Where are you now GOD?! / And he made the youth bear this leaden yoke / to crush under its weight those prisoners of earth / My evils chased me sore like a bird without a cause / Forever bound to suffocate your people renounce / My strength and my hope is perished from this Lord / Covered in the ashes of the ones I loved / You've never listened to any of their prayers / Where are you now GOD?! / We transgress and we rebell, do you pardon that? / The ever slain and unpitied / Forever godless.
Track Name: Stabwound
The pain is throbbing, searing / Death came from behind / A screaming asshole / He just took your life / Face down on the streets / Crying children, no police / This is fucked up and humiliating / In minutes you'll start disintegrating / For you there is no peace in retaliating / You bleed out like a sow by a stab wound / Slashed arteries / Breathing blood / Ravaged organs piling up on the ground / Try to push back what shouldn't come out / Severe trauma / No way out / Say your prayers 'cause all help will come to late / A violent thrust into your face / Engulfing numbness, crippling daze / Five Inch kisses to your neck end another spastic meatsack / The pain is throbbing, searing / Death came from behind / A screaming asshole / He will take your life / Squealing like a pig for whatever is his kick / This is fucked up and nauseating.
Track Name: Open Casket Funeral
With my hammer I'll start a killing spree / No open casket funeral for you / There will be no open casket funeral for you / It'll be quick / A sudden crack / Your face becomes a steaming pulp and I'm filled with delight and lust / In every Park, in every village, the most remote place, there'll be screams of fear and the reek of feces / ‘cause humans are walking shit containers that I'll open up / A volley to the head and your bowels give up / Finally I can let loose of my ever burning anger / My hate for human live / Brutally smashed in faces / Bubbling blood / Deformed cadaver / Hollow eye sockets filled with lust / I stare, I smile / Carnage will ever last / I'm obsessed by cruelty and my hammer sings the gospel of cracked heads / The pounding beat, the rhythm for your torture / Death Metal turned me a freak / Yes, it reached out to my mind / Soon they'll find me, I don't care as long as there is no open casket funeral for any one of you.
Track Name: Orgy in Gore
Unleashed desire, an orgy in gore / Pure carnal lust is calling for more / Torn out intestines exalting the fun / Sliced up bodies in blood, sweat and cum / Where all juices float, there's no restrain upheld / Exploring new holes where an eyeball ones dwelled / No human limb is meant to remain / Infinite moaning of pleasure and pain / Mutilation / Penetration / Frenzy to the core / Orgy in Gore / Calling for more / Obscene copulation in bowels and guts / Extreme humiliation in innards and pus / Unrestrained flesh writhes on the floor / Mutilated genital war.
Track Name: Gone Butchering
Sunset red over pine woods / Thick humid air still burning from the day / A lone man with solemn pace / Gone out into his old cabin / Whistling his merry tune / He steps inside this one damp room / and cloaked deep in shadows unlight / a rattling and a whimper rise / Fed with remains the meat stock is ripe / He grinded his axe and whet is knife / Precise incision and out flows life / What did he do in this summers dew? / Gone Butchering / skilled in the art of Slaughter / Gone butchering / you'll never know what had to die / Rip up the cage / Out with intestines / Hang this thing up to bleed it dry / Chop it in half and now into quarters / Everything is processed / There is nothing to banter / Filet and jerky, sausage and ham, everything is processed by this skillful loon man.
Track Name: Bleeding Eye Sockets
There's a secret song at the center of the world and it sounds like razors through flesh / Your bleeding eye sockets twitching under my tender lips / Enucleation / Amputation / Exsanguination / Total Evisceration / There's a secret song at the center of the world and it sounds like a saw gnawing bone / Free from limbs you still can't believe that you'll be performance art / A single cut through the common carotid artery / How disappointing / Why won't you gargle thanks to me?

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